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There is always ability in disability. Our horsebox café project will help spread awareness of this in our local community. Here's a viral clip from the US where an autistic barista danced his way into the hearts of millions!

Oaklands College

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Dacorum Schools Careers Fair


The World of Work and Employability

We ensure our pupils are prepared for the world of work through effectively managed work experience placements, extended work experience and informed choices Post 16.

Strategic Development of Pupils' Employment and Work

  • Making decisions on types of work and careers that interest them and
  • Experiencing work
  • Reflection on skills and refinement of thinking through CV writing to present themselves effectively
  • Creating a portfolio of skills and business enterprise activities to take to interviews
  • Doing things to find out about jobs and careers e.g. college placements, job centre visits, job searches, research
  • Mock interviews
  • Undertaking applications
  • Money
  • Learning about tax, salaries, insurances, bills, credit and debit
  • Travel training

Activities Undertaken to Advance Employability

We Attend Careers Skills and Fairs
href="">The World Skills fair at Excel Centre has a great website for further information.

We Have Careers Talks
We use Amazing Apprenticeships to do talks in school and Central London Careers Hub to access information and talks to our pupils about opportunities. This is for Year 9 pupils and upwards.

Barclays Life Skills are one of the employment career sites we regularly use.

National Careers Service offers information and support and, we also use Careers Box and the Apprenticeships website.

Warner Bros. Studios, based in Leavesden, are closely associated with our school. Other than helping us through fundraising efforts, Warner Bros. are dedicated to providing work experience opportunities for our students and sending staff to give talks on their career paths, be it in retail on the shop floor, PR or operations.

We Have CV Workshops
On our Link Course with College, pupils complete a CV and reflect on their experiences.

We undertake Mock Interviews
Pupils undertake mock interviews. When attending Work Experience, we also arrange interviews for pupils to undertake.

Kooth is a good free online website for support and counseling. and the Engineering Development Trust (EDT) supports young engineers and scientists across the UK. Our project with Airbus and North Herts College took greater shape in 2017.

Mentoring with an Employee
This happens on an individual level with pupils looking to work in particular industries. We find this helpful for the pupils to develop a wider understanding of the specifics of jobs and engage the child in an area of their own interest.

Quality encounters with an employer:
Work experience and the experience of work programmes are designed to ensure a genuine and quality encounter with an employer. We seek to match employers with our pupils carefully to ensure the experience is enriching for both parties. These experiences are with local, national and international employers. We are always looking to support placements and welcome any suggested contacts. Please email us with any contacts, which we will follow up.

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