Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural guidance (SMSC)

Our centre has strong and clear values that engender pride, confidence and happiness. We support each other to learn, share and value each other and our environment.

Staff are supportive of the individual and the group; providing inspiration and aspiration whilst encouraging the development of human-agency as the young people regain their ability to ‘shine’.

Developing Independence
A developing understanding of self and identity is often taken for granted, but is a crucial aspect of growing up and the creation of our sense of value and worth. Developing a moral code and understanding British values are a key aspect of our provision. At FHEC, we teach awareness of 'ordinary' values whilst emphasising the importance of celebrating our 'differences'. We advocate an ethos of celebrating difference, pride, tolerance and understanding with particular regard to disability, religion, non-faith, gender, sexuality, ethnicity and age.