Before a visit

You are welcome to visit Forest House Education Centre and we look forward to seeing you.

  • Please let us know, where possible, when you are coming and who you would like to see
  • Please note that appointments for some members of staff are required due to other commitments
  • Please bring with you two forms of identification, one a photo ID
  • Please consider your travel arrangements though parking onsite is is usually possible.

Safeguarding Visitor Control Policy

Finding Us
Most satnavs, given our postcode, will find Forest Lane with no issues. For those without a satnav, first make your way to the Kingsley Green hospital site on Harper Lane (between Shenley and Radlett). Forest Lane has two entrances from Lime Way (since it is effectively a large loop); take the first entrance on your right, proceed over the speed bumps past the bungalows, continuing until you see a large red-brick two-storey building on your left (Forest House Annexe, of which the Education Centre occupies most of the ground floor). Pull into the adjacent car park. The entrance to the Education Centre is via the steel gate (with the intercom) at the right-most corner of the building.

Arrival at FHEC

  • Disabled and pushchair access to the front of the school entrance
  • Members of the school office staff will greet you upon arrival
  • You will be asked to sign in
  • Staff will ask you for verification of your ID
  • Then you will be informed about any planned evacuations and how to exit the buildings
  • We will enquire about any physical support your would require in the event of an evacuation
  • We will contact the person(s) you are meeting and inform them
  • Your hosts will collect you from Reception

During your visit

  • We have refreshments for your comfort - please let us know if you require anything to make your visit more pleasant.
  • Although unlikely, should you see anything that makes you uncomfortable, particularly with regard to our young people's safety or child protection, please ensure a senior member of staff hears your concerns before leaving or, as soon after as possible.

The key people in such circumstances are: Mrs Lyn Mastroddi (Designated Lead for Safeguarding) and Mr Huw Bucknell (Head of School).

Child Protection, e-Safety and Data Security

Privacy Notice

After your visit

  • We hope you enjoy your visit.
  • Should there be information, questions or further advice required, please let us know through email or telephoning the school.
  • Should you wish to leave us feedback, please use the Contact Page on this website.

Thank you for coming to see us!