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Curriculum Overview

  • Intent (what we want our pupils to achieve)  
  • Implementation (how we present the curriculum)
  • Impact (how we measure the effectiveness of our curriculum).

Section 1 – FHEC Curriculum – Intent, Implementation, Impact:

  • The FHEC Curriculum Journey – at a glance
  • The FHEC Curriculum Statement

Section 2 – Subject Curriculum Overview – Intent, Implementation, Impact:

  • SMSC
  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Arts
  • PSD
  • Careers
  • Physical Development

 Section 3 – Curriculum Review Impact:

  • Curriculum review stages

Section 4 – Pupil Progress and Assessment Cycle - Impact:

  • Pupil progress and assessment overview


Our FHEC Curriculum Intent

  • Is as rich, inspiring and broad as possible to allow students to widen their horizons in each subject
  • Provides the depth that enables students to master the key knowledge and skills essential for each subject
  • Is inclusive and carefully sequenced to provide students with the ability to build on existing knowledge 
  • Engenders high expectations and appropriate challenge in order to build students’ perseverance and self-belief
  • Provides students with opportunities to re-engage with learning, independence and creative thinking
  • Offers students a wide range of opportunities to own and personalise their curriculum in order to develop existing talents and interests and discover new ones
  • Enables students to maximise their potential, whilst in times of often personal crisis leading to wider opportunities
  • Raises students’ aspirations and equips them with knowledge and skills for future endeavours
  • Fosters the development of students’ character, personal development, health and wellbeing preparing them to make a valuable contribution to society

Section 2: Subject Overviews: English


We deliver a lively and engaging English curriculum that is designed to inspire, support and challenge all of our students.

Key Stage 4

We seek to foster an enjoyment of literature and language through different texts, topics and activities. Our aim is that every child leaves us confident in shaping informed opinions and sharing them, both verbally and in writing, and takes pleasure in exploring a wide range literature.We deliver the AQA specifications for both English Language and English Literature, and all students sit both qualifications. Students are also entered for the Spoken Language Endorsement: a qualification assessing speaking and listening skills that will appear on the students’ GCSE certificates alongside their English Literature and English Language results.

All students are exposed to and benefit from a broad exchange of ideas, and so develop a more insightful response to texts and tasks in both English Language and English Literature. For each student, we have a more personalised approach to the delivery of the curriculum.


How parents and carers can support learning

Students will be set regular tasks to complete at home.   Further to this, reading with your son/daughter or, as they grow, asking them about what they are reading – both fiction and non-fiction – has significant benefits to their ability to access not just the English curriculum, but the wider curriculum as a whole. 


Useful Links

AQA English pages where you can access specifications, past papers and mark schemes for KS4 and KS5

BBC Bitesize where you can access revision pages for some of the texts and topics (including writing skills) studied at KS3 – this can support with some HBL tasks

University of Bristol – grammar exercises: a useful page to help all writes understand different punctuation and grammatical structures