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What Can I Do?

Everyone can do something to support The Blue Tangerine Federation, our schools and our children.  Here are just some of them.

Why Fundraise For Us?

Because you can help us change a vulnerable young person's life !

We are state-funded schools, committed to providing relevant, meaningful and purposeful opportunities and learning for our children to grow educationally, emotionally, morally and socially.  We want them to understand and value themselves and their unique offering, and grow an appreciation of learning and an engagement within education. 

Unfortunately our state funding only really covers our most valuable and expensive resource, our staff, and basic equipment and resources. Funding issues are significant, though through our proactive and dedicated work with organisations, companies, individuals and groups on a local and national scale, we are striving to provide exceptional opportunities for our pupils.  Our expert knowledge and skills are supported by people like you to help us make a difference to individuals' lives.

Our children need to feel valued and become active contributors to our community and society. Our curriculum teaches independence and the resilience to keep learning and growing despite the challenges their disabilities may present.  We actively promote the beauty of difference and the abilities each and every pupil of ours has, so they can transition through childhood into adulthood as successful young people and to have the opportunity to enter the world of work, be that paid or voluntarily; to empower them with purpose and self-worth.

Anyone can get involved and make an impact on children’s lives

Because of amazing supporters like you, our children can get the help they need to cope with their difficulties and condition; and parents and carers benefit from life changing strategies to help them improve their child’s life, both at home and school.

The Charity Commission: Gov Uk


Attend and support one of our events

From our events page, you can see that there is much you can get involved in! Whether you join us at our Dinner Dance, buy or donate something for our online auction, choose to walk on fire or run 5k over inflatables, there is something fun for everyone. 

We are always looking for sponsors for our events, so if you or your company would like to sponsor part of or one of our events, please let us know. 


Donate your time through volunteering 

Whether this is something you do on your own or as a corporate team building activity, you can volunteer your time.  Examples have included helping decorate our school, helping with the gardening work or helping in classrooms with reading (we provide full training for this). 

There are many reasons why people volunteer:

  • To give something back
  • To see if special needs education is right for them as a career
  • To work on personal development projects, such as writers, artists
  • To get satisfaction from the experience of helping children with disabilities and making a real difference to their lives
  • To support children to access the mainstream world through work experiences/ travel training
  • To support the school with their own knowledge and experience - sharing great practices
  • Building links with the local community
  • Good for team building as it allows spending quality time with colleagues outside the work place
Softcats PLC decorating day at St Luke's

Please be aware that the pupils' safety and protection is always a priority for the school and every volunteer is checked with a police DBS, references are taken up and lists regarding the barring of adults working with children are always accessed for clearance.


We host placements for university undergraduates and postgraduates:

  • Student Teachers
  • Trainee Education Psychologists
  • Trainee Occupational Therapists
  • Trainee Music, Art, Movement Therapists and Psychotherapists


Choose us as your charity of the year 

Many businesses, groups and clubs nominate a 'Charity of The Year'. That could be us! 

Support us through the year with charity collection boxes, get creative with fundraising activities and spread the word about what we do. Be our biggest fan all year round! We can help and advise you to get the ball rolling.  Click HERE for more information about Corporate Fundraising & Charity of the Year

We know how difficult it can be to fundraise, and so we've come up with a few ideas below to get you started. 

  • Cake Sale
  • Car Wash 
  • Quiz Night 
  • Sweepstake 
  • Dress Down Day 
  • Raffle

And lots more... 


Donate Your Birthday - Request Donations Instead Of Gifts‎

‎‎This year, make it a birthday to remember and ask for donations to help our fantastic schools. Start a fundraising page with one of the popular charity donation sites such as Just giving.


Donating resources 

Our school embraces a functional approach to life. We like comfort, engagement and giving a homely feel to our pupils. You may have furniture that need a new home, please see if we can make use of it. 


Take on a challenge to raise money for us 

Whether you would like to jump out a plane at 15,000ft, run a 5k or even a marathon, cycle from London to Brighton - there are lots of different challenges you could do to push yourself. So why not raise money at the same time for one of our school? 


Make a donation 

We are always looking for raffle prizes. That unwanted Christmas box or birthday gift you didn't really want - donate it to us today - somebody else is guaranteed to love it! 

You can make a one-off or regular monetary donation to one of our schools. 100% of all donations benefit our children directly. You can visit our donations pages through the link at the top of the page.


Amazon Smile

When you shop on Amazon you can raise money for your school just by buying the things you would normally buy. Simply log in to Amazon Smile and choose us as you charity. 'Friends of The Blue Tangerine Federation'

NB. We will be changing our charities to simply, the Friends of The Blue Tangerine, summer 2022.


Easy Fundraising 

With Easy Fundraising you can shop with over 4000 retailers, including M & S, Argos, Morrisons, Tesco and Ebay while raising money for our schools. Simply follow this link and enter 'Friends of St Luke's Redbourn' or 'Friends of Collett Hemel Hempstead' as your cause. Easy Fundraising 


Like share & follow us on Social Media 

We are on LinkedIn and Instgra. Search for The Blue Tangerine Charity

Let people know about us

The most powerful thing you can do is tell people about us! Our children usually learn about the world through storybooks and fairy tales. Research shows that people are more likely to be engaged if it involves a story. Tell your story about The Blue Tangerine. This will help raise awareness and break down barriers of our children with Special Educational Needs and our schools. For most people, fundraising involves some sort of journey. There were probably some difficult, moving or funny moments that could form part of your story and bring what you are doing to life.


Attend and support one of our events

Whether you join us at our Dinner Dance, buy or donate something for our online auction, choose to walk on fire or attend our one of our Golf Day's, there is something fun for everyone. 

You could also buy our range of speciality teas and artisan coffees from our online coffee shop all profits from which go straight back into the school to support our young people.

We are always looking for sponsors for our events, so if you or your company would like to sponsor part of or one of our events, please let us know. Keep your eye open for new and exciting events throughout the year.