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Curriculum Structure: 

Students are currently working towards GCSE examinations and wider, contextual learning with their mainstream schools' curricula.

Our FHEC Curriculum Intent

  • Is as rich, inspiring and broad as possible to allow students to widen their horizons in each subject
  • Provides the depth that enables students to master the key knowledge and skills essential for each subject
  • Is inclusive and carefully sequenced to provide students with the ability to build on existing knowledge 
  • Engenders high expectations and appropriate challenge in order to build students’ perseverance and self-belief
  • Provides students with opportunities to re-engage with learning, independence and creative thinking
  • Offers students a wide range of opportunities to own and personalise their curriculum in order to develop existing talents and interests and discover new ones
  • Enables students to maximise their potential, whilst in times of often personal crisis leading to wider opportunities
  • Raises students’ aspirations and equips them with knowledge and skills for future endeavours
  • Fosters the development of students’ character, personal development, health and wellbeing preparing them to make a valuable contribution to society


Forest House Education Centre Curriculum Overview (2022)

Accountability Structure

Executive Headteacher - Quality of Provision

The Blue Tangerine Federation Governors - Quality of Provision

Head of School - Development of Framework, Intent, Standards, Training Needs, Relevance, Personalised learning

Teachers - Coverage, Standards, Assessment, Implementation, Interventions, Action PlanningTriangulation of planning, assessment, teaching and learning, Feedback to pupils and parents, collaborative practices, reporting, termly pupil progress 

High Level Teaching Assistant - standards, consistency of delivery, adaptation to needs


Oversight, management and accountability is moving to The James Marks Academy Trust.